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Re: Where is the mysql package?

On Sun, 25 May 1997 jwalther@citytel.net wrote:

> On Sun, 25 May 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:
> > The package is in hamm/non-free/binary-i386/devel . I don't know why Guy
> > put it into "devel". 
> hmmm.  is that the libs that are in devel? I must have been thinking more
> along the lines of a front end...  and xmysql depends on xlib6 or
> something like that... whatever it is, it wont config correctly without
> it.

The mysql package includes the MySQL daemon, the client, a few utilities,
and the C headers+libraries. (I thought about putting the development
stuff in another package called "mysql-dev", but I'm not sure if it's
worth the trouble since they are small.)

xmysql is dynamically linked against the X libs, so you'll need xlib6 in
order to run the program (besides xforms, etc.).

> also, the libs seem to be only for perl, and are in section interpreter.

The package is called "libdbd-mysql-perl" and includes the DBD::Mysql
module for Perl--that's why it's included in the "interpreters" section.

> nothing in devel.

?? Please check out

> hopefully, some C/C++ accessible libs are in the works?

They are included in the "mysql" package.

> =) (lotsa people use tcl/tk with mysql instead of the Excel + VB combo....
> be nice if this was set up for us in debian :>)
> > Good to here from someone using my package :-) I'll upload a newer version
> > (3.20.19-gamma) soon, so if you have any suggestions how to improve the
> > package, just tell me.
> Yep.  How about a verbose mode that tells you when you connect, or if it
> cant, says so, and then when its done, prints xxx bytes downloaded in yyy
> seconds, at foo kb/s.
> something like:
> $ snarf -v http://linuxos.org/index.html
> connected to linuxos.org:80
> getting file...
> got 63K in 45 seconds at 1.4K/s
> $
> How about it, huh? =)

I thought about suggestions for the package, not mysql itself. I don't
know much about the internal details of mysql. Perhaps you should contact
the authors about your idea.

I hope my answers make sense to you :-)



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