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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On Sat, 24 May 1997, Tom Lees wrote:

> > as you can see, it's a small text database. so it has nothing, absolutly
> > nothing to do with deity - that's a GUI.
> OK, I should refrase what I wrote.
> It would be really cool if we upgraded the packaging system to handle
> configuration integrally (so we can do configuration _BEFORE_ an
> installation, etc.). Deity definitely _IS_ the right place for this - a
> GUI to do the configuration with, at the same time as packaging control!

And let me just add, if Remote Installation and Mantinance is ever desired
then the ability to configure N machine's packages once from a single
machine is important. It would be kind of nasty to force the user to
manually enter everything N times during a remote install. This someday
will be Deity's problem. 

Given that, it might be a good idea to have a single config area and not
just write something that parses shell scripts. Partly because all the
configs related to a single package would have to be transmitted over the
network. I suppose shells could do something like

  COMPORT = `cfgtool diald comport`

Please note that for the case above this is not something like simple ini
file. To allow a GUI to present a usefull view of the config file
information about each field would have to be known. A short description,
it's content type, possible range information, etc.


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