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virtual packages

I've been packaging dotfile generator, and have a small question 
related to virtual packages.  The package will be multi-binary.  It
consists of the main dotfile package, and a number of modules (currently 8).  I
want each of the modules to provide a virtual package dotfile-module, but I am
not sure whether I have to bring this up for discussion on debian-devel or not.
Here is the relevant paragraph from virtual-package-names-list.txt

Packages MUST NOT use virtual package names (except privately, amongst
a cooperating group of packages) unless they have been agreed upon and
appear in this list.

What I have a problem with is the "except" clause.  I will be maintaining all
of the modules as well as dotfile generator package itself, so does this
qualify as "private, cooperating group of packages"?  If not, consider this the
official proposal to  add a new virtual package called dotfile-module.  Let me
know of any objections you might have.

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