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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Brian C. White wrote:

> Hamm
> ~~~~

I think its been agreed that this will be called "Debian 2.0", so why not
add this here.

> * All packages are in the new package format.

Possibly a new source package format may be created, so we should resolve 
this before putting too much effort into converting twice.

> * All base packages are compiled with libc6.

Should be all pkgs in the main distrib really.

> * Fix packages currently depending on 'libc5-dev'.
> * Officially supports {i386,m68k,alpha,sparc} architectures (mips,ppc?).
> * No more dependencies on obsolete virtual packages (X11R6, elf-x11r6libs, ...).
> * No a.out executables anymore.
> * Much improved dpkg/dselect.
> - Move config information from install scripts to "cfgtool" (???)

I'm having a look at ways of doing this. It would be really cool to
integrate this into deity.

> - Some sort of package-grouping mechanism for dselect
> - New run-level layout (???) [12]
> - No bug reports older than 9 months at release time

And another one:-
* Official Debian logo to be chosen

Footnotes 1, 4, 5, and 7 can be removed AFAIK.

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