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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> > - Move config information from install scripts to "cfgtool" (???)
> I'm having a look at ways of doing this. It would be really cool to
> integrate this into deity.

there are three tools : cfgtool (lars wirzenius), nod (winfried
truemper), dcfgtool (mine). and someone is working on a _real_ tool (all
three have flaws, and if this way we will get a tool with all good

what they do :
currently many scripts in /etc hold config values. this is a bad thing.
one solution is to write these variables in other text files, and use
the source command in the shell script to read them. this is not a good
way IMO.

the other solution is to have a small utility that stores these values,
can change them and gives the values to the scripts. 

as you can see, it's a small text database. so it has nothing, absolutly
nothing to do with deity - that's a GUI.

i will wait till the new tool is released, than we can remove all other
tools (at least my will get removed - there is no reason to keep it.)

then we should :
a) choose _one_ cfgtool (the current one have big flaws. the new one
	will not have them).
b) change policy to _not_ allow config information in /etc scripts
c) change policy to _not_ allow additional debian uniq config files to
	fix b). only the textdb should be used.
d) think about getting rid of some config files only used by shell
scripts, and use the textdb instead.

> Footnotes 1, 4, 5, and 7 can be removed AFAIK.

what about footnote 10 (cu* devices) ? debian 1.3 has no call out
devices ! (*evil grin*)

regards, andreas

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