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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

bcwhite@verisim.com (Brian C. White) writes:

> ***                                                                  ***
> ***           Release of Bo is HOLDING for CRITICAL BUGS!            ***
> ***                                                                  ***
> *** There is one remaining critical bug that must be resolved before ***
> *** Debian 1.3 can be released.  That bug is #9020:                  ***
> ***                                                                  ***
> ***         fsck.ext2: can't load library 'libcom_err.so.2'          ***
> ***                                                                  ***

What the heck?  I've seen numerous people post to this list saying
that particular thing isn't really a bug in the package.  Why are you
holding the release?  People that are waiting for Debian 1.3 are
giving up and going elsewhere (like RedHat).  I don't like that.

C'mon!  Before you take such a drastic step as delaying the release of
an operating system, you could at least verify that the bug really
exists in the operating system....

Somebody, just close the bug so Brian will be happy...

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