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which group ?


I'm in the process of packaging amanda (a network backup system -
client-server). In the install guide it's recommended to install the
binaries under a non privileged user and put this user in a group
which has raw access to the disk devices. So I thought I take the user
backup and the group disk for the binaries. Is this a sensible
decision ? Should I follow this advice at all or just use root:root ? 
Are there any other points which should be taken into
account ?

Does there exist a Readme which explains the reason and the usage for
the different users and different groups ?

And last question ;-)

I looked at the dump package and found out that /sbin/dump and
/sbin/restore are in the group tty. Why are they in tty, shouldn't it
be disk ?


Christian Meder, email: christian.meder@utoronto.ca

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