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XFree86 installation problems...

I have been doing X-Windows installation testing today and ran into a
subtle problem with the install.
The vga16 server is, I believe, intended for use during installation and
configuration. The server that I expect to eventually use with X is the
svga server. This is where the problem arrises.
If you choose the vga16 server as the default, everything proceeds as
expected and the creation of the config file goes smoothly. However, if,
as you might expect to do, you choose the svga server as the default,
then, when you try to create the config file you get the error:
	can't load libXaw.so.6
and the configuration phase can not be initiated.
What isn't clear (or I would simply submit a bug report) is exactly which
package should "Depend" on libXaw. This package is, by the way, available
from either the xaw3d package or the xaw95 package.
So, is it the server-svga package that should depend on xaw95, or the
xbase package?


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