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Re: State of HAM-RADIO packages

Joop Stakenborg typed:

> I'm using DEBIAN now for over a year and I am a happy user. One thing 
> kind of bothers me though: the state of the ham-radio software in the 
> programs. None of them are in the debian distribution, on one of the 
> ftp mirrors you can only find a very-old-and-no-longer-uptodate ax25 
> utilities package and some minor utilities.
There is a bit of a problem here, I mean I use debian and are even a
developer but I don't use the debian packages for ax25 stuff.

> Who would like to get this work going ?
I would and have already started to, my problem is that I'm also a
programmer of packages.

> Who is already working on these hard-needed packages ?
I think its me, Bruce and B'Dale.

> Who's got ideas, a wishlist, anything ?
The ax25 utils are real old, so is rspfd.  I have taken over rspfd from
Bruce but it is not integrated with the ax25 utils so I could do no more
here.  I have emailed Bruce to see if he is still interested in looking
after the ax25 utils or not.  I'm willing to look after this.

The ax25 kernel is more problematic as you have a series of conflicting
pieces of hardware (scc, PT and PI) so the only solution is to use modules
for this.  I started fiddling around with this too but gave up as the
production kernel was unstable while the alpha one was stable for me at

I was also working on the TPP program and was going to make that a package
too, but there is no real sensible way of working out the copyright for this
program.  I'm still trying but it is quite difficult.

B'Dale has been supporting the packeTen package.
There's plenty there for lots to do.

  - Craig vk2xlz

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