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Re: State of HAM-RADIO packages

> > Who would like to get this work going ?
> I would and have already started to, my problem is that I'm also a
> programmer of packages.
> > Who is already working on these hard-needed packages ?
> I think its me, Bruce and B'Dale.

> > Who's got ideas, a wishlist, anything ?
> The ax25 utils are real old, so is rspfd.  I have taken over rspfd from
> Bruce but it is not integrated with the ax25 utils so I could do no more
> here.  I have emailed Bruce to see if he is still interested in looking
> after the ax25 utils or not.  I'm willing to look after this.

That would be nice. The debian package really needs the latest
ax25 utilities. I will stay away from these until it is sorted out
who is going to work on this.
> The ax25 kernel is more problematic as you have a series of conflicting
> pieces of hardware (scc, PT and PI) so the only solution is to use modules
> for this.  I started fiddling around with this too but gave up as the
> production kernel was unstable while the alpha one was stable for me at
> least.

You could of course just release the ax25 utilities and not worry
about scc, pi or baycom cards. This will only slow down development.
Maybe it is all a bit too complex to try and incorporate everything.

> I was also working on the TPP program and was going to make that a package
> too, but there is no real sensible way of working out the copyright for this
> program.  I'm still trying but it is quite difficult.
> B'Dale has been supporting the packeTen package.
> There's plenty there for lots to do.

I will take a look and see what I can work on!

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