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Re: uploaded gv 3.4.3-1 (source i386) to master

Joey Hess:
> Helmut Geyer:
> >    * new upstream release including heavy improvements in look and feel as
> >      well as several major improvements of the PostScript preprocessor and
> >      several new features.
> >    * this version can no longer be used with standard Athena Widgets. This
> >      release uses (and depends on) the shared Xaw3d library. By using the
> >      -rpath option, the library has to be installed, but doesn´t have to be
> >      used as replacement for Xaw.
> Why did you make this change? Is there some change in the upstream source
> that forces you to do this? If not, this change is unacceptable, as it 
> would seem to force your opinion (ie, xaw3d is better) on users.

In fact, I had to change the upstream source in gv 2 to support 
standard Athena widgets. Gv 3 uses a completely new developed style
of buttons based on Xaw3d. As Xaw95 and nextaw both are based on
Xaw3d, they might work. To make them workyou would have set 
several X resources. Furthermore with the current policy on Xaw 
replacement libs (all use the soname of the replacement now, not the same as 
Xaw) it may be difficult to generate one binary supporting all of them.

Nevertheless I will try to check all the other Xaw3d based libs (standard 
Xaw simply doesn't work anymore as there are lots of direct references to
the threeD widget), but any library containing the threeD widget should 
work (but may look horrible without using completely different resources).

To make it work with one of the newer Xaw libs you should do the following:

1. set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/X11R6/lib/<xaw-repl>:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
2. make a link in this directory libXaw3d.so.6 ../lib<xaw-repl>.so.6

Currently step 2. isn't needed as I used an older Xaw package to generate
the binary still using the soname libXaw.so.6.

Anyone who finds resource settings to me that make gv 3 work fine with another
Xaw replacement, should send them to me. I will check them and change the 
dependencies accordingly.

> I prefer to use the nextaw widgets (which I maintain). The gv 2.9.4 that I
> have installed works fine with nextaw widgets.
Of course. I made it so that gv 2 works with any Xaw lib. Nevertheless, backing
out all chnages that need an Xaw3d based library is a lot of work that I'm
currently not willing to do.


Helmut Geyer                                Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
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