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Re: uploaded gv 3.4.3-1 (source i386) to master

> >release uses (and depends on) the shared Xaw3d library. By using the
> >-rpath option, the library has to be installed, but doesn=B4t have to be
> >used as replacement for Xaw. It would be possible to link it
> >statically against Xaw3d (still dynamically linking all the rest).
> >If there are enough requests for this, I'll change the package to do
> >this.
> Put me down as one person that would really like this, since my
> beliefs are:
> 1. The Xaw3D widgets are excessively ugly.
> 2. Installing Xaw3D as a replacement for Xaw means I have forced an
> asthetic change (anbd in rare cases even incompatible) change on my
> 500+ users who can't do anything to override it (the Xaw3D package to
> me is a classic example of something that is nice for a machine with
> few users but very undesirable for machines are installations with
> many users)
Simply install the library and remove the line from /etc/ld.so.conf.
As I mentioned above, the -rpath link option makes gv find the correct
library without using it for general apps. I was not in favour of the 
3d Widgets anyway, but you might want to take a look at the new gv. It
really istn't the ugly look usually provided by Xaw3d.

So your statements about more Xaw3d packages is moot.


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