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Re: removing oldmitpthread

Mark Eichin <eichin@cygnus.com> writes:
> *bzzt* the reason I *added* the oldmitpthread library is that gnat
> and at least one other package don't work with *linuxthreads*.
> Until *those* packages are changed, and for gnat that's quite a lot
> of work, oldmitpthread is needed.

Ah.  No problem.  I thought it somewhat suspicious that it was
"oldmitpthread", rather than just pthread or the like.

Mind if I ask what LinuxThreads doesn't do that gnat needs?  Not that
I could begin to fix it, just curious.

> Of course, I *do* need to fix the conflict of the installed header
> files, no argument there...

How do we want to handle that?  I mean, seems to me that with the
exception of packages like gnat & co. which cannot be compiled with
LinuxThreads, we don't want people to "get the wrong idea" and use

Maybe make it a .so-only package, so that there are no headers?  Or do
you need the headers when compiling with gnat?


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