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Re: FW: xautolock copyright problem

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Michael Meskes wrote:

> Would this suffice as copyright for xautolock to remain in the core
> distribution? Or do I have to shift it to non-free or contrib?
> >
> > > Assuming you provide full source code and especially assuming that
> > > the price of the CD remains "reasonable" (which it more or less has
> > > to be if it's a Linux CD :-), I see no problem. In fact, it has been
> > > done before.
> >
> >I agree that this is a bit vague, but it's the best I can do. If that
> >does not suffice for your purposes (which would be quite understandable),
> >I'm afraid that you're out of luck.

With the clause "the price of the CD remains resonable" the package has to
go into non-free. Here is the rule from our Policy:

> Packages
> - whose copyright permission notices (or patent problems) do not allow
> distribution and copying for profit, without restriction on the amount
> charged 
> [snip]
> may only be placed in the semi-supported non-free section of the Debian
> FTP archives. 



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