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xrdb bug?

Thanks for the help on our Emacs problem.

A Pixar user gets this complaint from "xrdb", but the same command runs
correctly if he executes it "by hand". By the way, we have two people
(besides me) in the studio tools department who run Debian at home on
company-provided hardware and really like it.



Script started on Tue Apr 22 15:21:25 1997
chimchim(201)% cat .Xresources
# List of x resources.
chimchim(202)% xrdb -load .Xresources
xrdb: cannot run '/lib/cpp -traditional -Dlinux -D__i386__ -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_BS
chimchim -DDISPLAY_NUM=0 -DCLIENTHOST=chimchim -DCLNT_chimchim -DVERSION=11 -DRE
VISION=0 -DVENDOR="The XFree86 Project, Inc" -DVNDR_The_XFree86_Project__Inc -DR
ELEASE=3200 -DNUM_SCREENS=1 -DEXT_XFree86_DGA -DEXT_XFree86_Misc -DEXT_XFree86_V
_PER_RGB=6 -DCLASS=PseudoColor -DCLASS_PseudoColor=32 -DCOLOR -DCLASS_PseudoColo
r_8=32 -DCLASS_DirectColor_8=33 -DCLASS_GrayScale_8=34 -DCLASS_StaticColor_8=35 
-DCLASS_TrueColor_8=36 -DCLASS_StaticGray_8=37'
chimchim(203)% exit

Script done on Tue Apr 22 15:21:47 1997

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