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Re: Package Numbering

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, [iso-8859-1] "Ole[iso-8859-1] Jrgen[iso-8859-1] Tetlie" wrote:

> Hello,
> SmallEiffel (which I am packaging) uses negative version numbering.
> I assume dpkg can't handle that (it thinks -0.86 is later than -0.85,
> which it obviously isn't). The numbering is in the interval
> between -1 and 0. How should I map the version numbers to package
> numbers. My proposal is: n |-> n+1 , that is add one to the number.
> This maps version -1 (not released) to 0, and version -0 (the final)
> to 1, and preserving order inbetween. Is that OK?

dpkg will handle this correctly. (It compares the "-" as a string, not
part of a number).

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