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Re: Qmail

On Apr 16, Mark Shuttleworth wrote
>   1. is qmail as secure as they say?

I think so.

>   2. is there a debianised version of 1.01?

Not yet. There will be one as soon as I can get it to do dotlocking. (The
dotlock patch for 1.00 doesn't work for 1.01)

>   3. if not,  and I have to build one,  is there a document
>      describing debians mailsystem assumptions?

It's called the policy manual, package 'debian-policy', if memory
serves. But personally, I'd advice installing the 1.00 Debian package and
waiting < 1 week for 1.01. Packaging up qmail nicely is a bit tricky.

  Christian, qmail.deb maintainer

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