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Re: Question on install

In article <19970412134252.18532@desire.camelot.de>,
Alexander Koch <efraim@desire.camelot.de> wrote:
>[I was not able to make correct boot disks with dd, right now it's about 10
>disks that are not working, though they're all a bit older. I can format
>usual dos discs and read usual discs so the fd drive should be ok. I'm using
>the 04-04 disc set.

FWIW, I have never trusted the Linux floppy driver. Ever since Linux 1.0.
Before that, it was OK.

We have a couple of machines here, if you format a floppy on them under Linux,
the floppy will be totally unusable. You can't even reformat it under DOS.
You need to demagnitize it with a magnet first. Machines and floppy drives
work fine under DOS. Replacing the floppy drive does not help.

Ofcourse nobody believes me, so I've like given up on sending bug reports.


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