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Re: Question on install

Quoting Miquel van Smoorenburg (miquels@cistron.nl):
> We have a couple of machines here, if you format a floppy on them under Linux,
> the floppy will be totally unusable. You can't even reformat it under DOS.
> You need to demagnitize it with a magnet first. Machines and floppy drives
> work fine under DOS. Replacing the floppy drive does not help.

Right. A very fine disk with dos, formatted (safe format, norton) twice, dd
on it, no way to ever reformat it.
Reproducable, I'd nearly think.

cat file >/dev/fd0 is reported to help...

Now, I mount the rescue disc under Linux and place my kernel with initrd and
msdos and umsdos fs in and then all goes quite well and the bootdisk
(/ramdisk) is found and then it stops, the root.bin in the initrd/ramdisk
does not seem to work.

Is there any workaround? Is it possible to use other bootdisks (only rescue,
right?) and then work on as usual? I have all the files in a partition...


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