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Re: kernel 2.0.30 : isdn is broken

Quoting Andreas Jellinghaus (aj@dungeon.inka.de):
> now that 2.0.30 is out :
> please use 2.0.29 for bo or use both kernels, but do not replace 2.0.29.
> reason: the isdn patches for 2.0.29 didn't get into 2.0.30 (strange),
> and 2.0.30 isdn is broken (will only work with hisax isdn patches).

Oh well, thanks for the info. I just downloaded it, happy to see HiSax
modules built-in...

But, considered the time form 2.0.29 to 2.0.30?

Who would be the responsible Debian Maintainer to put together a new Kernel
with HiSax support? (isdn4kernel or whatever) worked fine it seems,
but was there a Debian Kernel Package for that?
Will there be something like that?


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