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Re: SmallEiffel & Crafty

olet@ifi.uio.no ("Ole =?iso-8859-1?Q?)  wrote on 09.04.97 in <[🔎] 199704091146.9382.gjalp.ifi.uio.no@ifi.uio.no>:

> I want to create a debian package of the eiffel compiler SmallEiffel
> and the chess program crafty. SmallEiffel is the only eiffel compiler
> available under the GPL, and although still young, it's being improved
> regularly. Crafty is probably the strongest chess playing program freely
> available (yes, far superior to gnuchess).
> I want to know if anyone else is working (or even has finished)
> on any of these.

Not on Eiffel, but I'm working on Sather (which started life as a simple  
Eiffel clone, but has changed considerably since).

Just thought this was a good opportunity to say it - it's been in Sven's  
list for a long time :-)

And WRT the misplaced /opt discussion on -private, Sather is one of those  
packages that think everything should be below one directory. I've got  
most important parts out, though; I mostly need to handle the elisp files,  
which is sort of tricky because I have no emacs installed (and don't want  
any, and don't have the space for one until I get this new 3G disk  
attached and some partitions swapped around - btw, 3G disks currently seem  
to cost about half of 4G disks, at least around here!).

MfG Kai

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