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SmallEiffel & Crafty


I want to create a debian package of the eiffel compiler SmallEiffel
and the chess program crafty. SmallEiffel is the only eiffel compiler
available under the GPL, and although still young, it's being improved
regularly. Crafty is probably the strongest chess playing program freely
available (yes, far superior to gnuchess).

I want to know if anyone else is working (or even has finished)
on any of these.

I also take the opportunity to ask about the copyright of crafty. I
am not very good with these legal formulations, and wonder in what
directory (non-free, contrib or stable) it would go.

[Copyright notice for Crafty]
*  All rights reserved.  No part of this program may be reproduced in any     *
*  form or by any means, for any commercial (for profit/sale) reasons.  This  *
*  program may be freely distributed, used, and modified, so long as such use *
*  does not in any way result in the sale of all or any part of the source,   *
*  the executables, or other distributed materials that are a part of this    *
*  package.

Kind Regards,
Ole J. Tetlie, Dept. of Informatics/Mathematics, Univ. of Oslo
Idiot, mathematician, programmer. (in preferred order)

Hiroshima 45    --    Chernobyl 86    --    Windows 95   :-{
"This manual assumes familiarity with the other two manuals,
one of which is unfortunately not yet written."
		Slightly adapted from the Debian Policy Manual

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