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MCA Kernel for latest 2.0.29 Kernel?


I am trying to set up a Linux installation on an older IBM PS/2 77 DX2 at
my office. Currently everybody there is talking about building Win NT
Networks. Now I want to prove, that setting up one small Linux Server would
(surprisingly?) solve more problems than espected and fulfill requirements,
from that everybody thinks only NT is able to do.

- Intranet Web-Server (WWW, FTP)
- automatic file transfer via batch processes (so... FTP, isn´t it?)
- Dynamic IP Configuration for a bunch of (Win NT) Clients (Bootp, DHCP)
- Dial-Up Internet Access via ISDN

... and a few other things more.

Unfortunately the only hardware I have to set up a test installation is the
above mentioned IBM machine. At home I´ve got Linux already running on an
usual Pentium 100 resp. an older 386 DX40 - everything´s set up and works
fine so far. But with regard to the IBM I´ve got this Microchannel problem.

I already testet the "patch-2_0_7-mca-16Feb1997" patch from
http://glycerine.itsmm.uni.edu/mca/index.html on my latest Kernel 2.0.29
with  no success: only a lot of rejects.

Now my question: Is it possible to get a MCA patch for this kernel?

Thanks in advance for every answer.

Christian Gau               E-Mail: Christian.Gau@majestix.rhein-main.de
Am Weisskirchener Berg 37   Voice:  +49 69 95056004
60437 Frankfurt/Main
Germany ****************************************************************

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