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Re: Zircon orphaned?

> Hello,
> I notice that the Zircon package is still in version 1.17 even though there 
> have already been several 1.18 releases for several months now.
> Is the Zircon package orphaned?  If so, I'd be willing to take it.
> Zircon is a nice program and we cannot let it go to waste like this.
> [cc: current maintainer]


The previous maintainer handed zircon over for adoption three days 
before Bo was to be frozen and this was not enough time for me to
include zircon 1.18 into Debian 1.3. I just uploaded zircon 1.17
to have the maintainer field changed and was preparing zircon 1.18
for an upload to unstable. Anyway, as you seem willing enough to 
adopt it, I will gladly say: it's yours. There are three bug reports
which are easy to fix. Good luck.



Debian GNU/Linux 1.2 - Kernel 2.1.29 - http://www.debian.org 
Jose' RAMOS Goncalves <J.R.Goncalves@reading.ac.uk>   
Department of Physics - University of Reading - England - U.K.

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