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Re: No answer from 'new-maintainer' ?

Lawrence Chim <ychim@numbat.cs.rmit.edu.au> wrote:
|Yann Dirson wrote:
|> Hi!
|> After packaging "FWEB", as written in the doc, I emailed to
|> <new-maintainer@debian.org>, but got no response. A re-post brought
|> the same (non-)result. Original mail is dated "March 21".
|> Is this normal ? Is the doc I use out-of-date ? etc. ?
|I have the same problem 2 months ago.  I supposed to packege cqam (color
|Then sent out many mails but without any response.

Not quite "no response", but still waiting to see how I'm supposed to
upload the package I created (c2ps, C/C++ pretty printer) to master,
that's about two weeks after I initiated first contact.



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