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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

cjf@netaxs.com (Chris Fearnley)  wrote on 01.03.97 in <199703020029.TAA29720@unix3.netaxs.com>:

> Because having a major part of the system not be smothly upgradeable is
> unacceptable.  My understanding of this hack is the postinst would
> explain how to manually upgrade the tex packages and then bail.

Is this any worse than the old TeX system, which already has installation  
problems? I've *never* been able to do a smooth Debian TeX installation.

> Although this would obviously work (to the extent that dpkg wouldn't
> blow up as it does now), I find it to be offensive to the strength of
> Debian:  easy upgreadability.  Therefore, I say no to tetex.  They can
> try again for the next unstable or better yet make a roll-our-own TeX
> as was discussed and agreed to on debian-devel several months ago.

This might have been justified if the current Debian TeX met your quality  
standards. However, it doesn't.

Why avoid a bad solution if the alternative is even worse?

I think a text like this one would be quite ok:

"I see that you have one or more of the pre-1.3 TeX packages installed.

Because these packages had serious problems, they were replaced by teTeX.  
Unfortunately, because of those problems (and because of a missing feature  
in the packaging system), you have to deinstall those packages before you  
can proceed to install teTeX.

This is how to do it:


Please press [RETURN]:"

MfG Kai

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