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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> I think tetex should be removed from bo and the old tex reinstated.
> The new packaging scheme is incompatible with a smooth upgrade process
> and I haven't seen (nor been able to conceive) of any way to fix tetex
> before the code freeze.  Any thoughts I have that /might/ work
> (renaming all the tetex packages to names compatible with the old tex
> in such a way that upgrading is possible) are extensive enough in
> nature that risking keeping tetex in the distribution seems very unwise
> to me.

	Before to do this, could we try to change the preinst script of 
tetex to detect if the previous version of TeX is installed as it has 
already been proposed here? This scheme has been working for several 
packages, so why not tetex? (Of course if for some reason it doesn't 
work, we'll have to delay tetex a bit more).

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