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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

>Is this any worse than the old TeX system, which already has installation  
>problems? I've *never* been able to do a smooth Debian TeX installation.

Well, many of us have never been able to do a smooth de-installation,
either (I had to do lots of --force'ing when I ripped Debian TeX off
my system in favor of my own teTeX tree shared with our non-Linux
boxes). And I still think there are few dangling dependencies on this box.

Unfortunately, we don't have many good ways of handling "broken
packages".  The ideal situation would be to not have them at all, but
that's not realistic.

>I think a text like this one would be quite ok:
>"I see that you have one or more of the pre-1.3 TeX packages installed.
>Because these packages had serious problems, they were replaced by teTeX.  
>Unfortunately, because of those problems (and because of a missing feature  
>in the packaging system), you have to deinstall those packages before you  
>can proceed to install teTeX.

It think this is the best of the options we've been presented with.

Richard W Kaszeta 			Graduate Student/Sysadmin
bofh@bofh.me.umn.edu			University of MN, ME Dept

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