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Re: Nickname of next release

Dale Scheetz typed:
> I don't have any problems with a female name. In fact, as the naming motif
> has been "characters from Toy Story", then "bo" is already a girls name
> (for little bo peep) The only other female character my daughter can
> remember is Andy's little sister, but she can't remember the name and this
Molly. (Handy having the video around).

As far as other female toys, I can remember legs, then there's all those
dolls in the next door neighbors house.

> character isn't one of the toys. In any case the list of "characters" from
> Toy Story is a finite one and we will, at some point, be forced to look
> elsewhere for names.
Then we can use "Toy Story 2"!

While we're on the Toy Story theme, my wife loves the .bmp files of the TS
characters for the windows machine, any chance of them being .xpm or some
other X bitmap type?

  - Craig
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