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Re: Nickname of next release

On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Goran Andersson wrote:

> I think we should have a female name for the next release;  
> this will remind developpers as well as presumptive users
> that Debian is not exclusively for men.
> What about "sue"?
My "Websters Large Print Dictionary" says:

sue (soo)v.t. (Law) to seek justice by taking legal proceedings; to

I don't have any problems with a female name. In fact, as the naming motif
has been "characters from Toy Story", then "bo" is already a girls name
(for little bo peep) The only other female character my daughter can
remember is Andy's little sister, but she can't remember the name and this
character isn't one of the toys. In any case the list of "characters" from
Toy Story is a finite one and we will, at some point, be forced to look
elsewhere for names.
For female names, some of my favorites are: Sonya (from Red Sonya), Zena
(my current heart throb ;-), Gabriel (Zena's side kick, possibly
misspelled). We could also go with the Greco/Roman Gods and Goddesses, but
Aphrodite is not only a long name, but a bit presumptuous of us to use it
and Venus could be confused with the Planet. 
Ok, I'm exhaused ;-) anyone else have an idea?



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