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Re: Nickname of next release

> I think we should have a female name for the next release;  
> this will remind developpers as well as presumptive users
> that Debian is not exclusively for men.
> What about "sue"?
> -- 
> Göran Andersson <goran_a@maths.lth.se>

The names for the releases thus far have been names taken from the animated
movie "Toy Story", in honor of Bruce Perens, our fearless leader who works
at Pixar, the company that made the movie.  I believe you will find that the 
name "Bo" refers to Bo-Peep, a female toy in the movie.  We have been
anti-sexist for a while now, and you didn't even know it.

Bo-Peep is the name of a female shepherd (spelling?) who lost her sheep
and is referenced in a poem common to children.


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