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Re: Possible framework for `debmake replacement'


	Rather than use M4 (and loose the ability to see what is
 happening by just running make -n), how about this:

include debian/Debian/Variables.dist
-include debian/Debian/Variables          #over rides

DOC_TO_INSTALL:= readme.txt, release-notes.txt
binary-arch: checkroot build
	# Runs the installation.
include debian/Debian/$(BINARY_TOP)
	make install prefix=`pwd`/debian/tmp

	# Installs documentation.
include debian/Debian/$(INSTALL_DOC)

	# Installs standard docs.
include debian/Debian/$(INSTALL_STD_DOC)

	# Strip binaries
include debian/Debian/$(STRIP)

	# Fix symlinks
include debian/Debian/$(CHECK_SYMLINKS)

	# Make the package 
        chown -R root.root debian/tmp
        chmod -R go=rX debian/tmp
        dpkg --build debian/tmp ..

	No macros. no magic. Everything statically defined, and not
 modified till we run debmk-upgrade again. (we could even use m4 in
 debmk-upgrade, if you are set on using m4). 

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