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Packages available.

Due to changes in work and family I sadly cannot continue to support the 
debian packages I have been handling. They are available for anyone to adopt.

They are:
	knews - A tk/tcl based usenet news reader (no outstanding bugs);
	zircon - An IRC client program (A new upstream version is out (1.8)
	mh - The RAND message handler suite of binaries.
I was able to clear out a few bugs, but there are still some pesky ones that 
remain that I hadn't had time or inspiration to exterminate. It is only 
coincidence that my inability to maintain comes at a time when mh is the 
presenting subject for traceability of source packages. There is a work afoot 
called nmh that will make mh obsolete (mostly just because it will really have 
an upstream maintainer), but its linux support is broken. If someone wants to 
be a part of that program to develop a better mh with linux support, this 
would be a good chance.

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