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Re: XEmacs, Emacs and elisp

>      This may be a simplification. Have you looked at the hoops
> one has to go through to achieve this goal? Do we really expect the

The list you mention isn't particularly relevant -- if a package
specifically only works on one and not the other, then it should
depend on one or the other, oh well.  However, there are ways of
handling these portably, and any "big" elisp packages worth packaging
do, in fact, handle all of those -- gnus, w3, calc...  I'm trying to
make it *easier* for the debian-maintainer, not harder :-)

However, from previous comments, it looks like for the bulk of the
packages people have been talking about, xemacs bundles them
anyway... in which case, just having them depend on one emacs is ok,
and maybe having packages in two versions [encoding the difference in
the name is necessary, it appears] is alright too.  

Any more comments out there?

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