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Re: XEmacs, Emacs and elisp

>>>>> "PT" == Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:

    PT: I second this. GNU Emacs's (some call it RMS Emacs, or FSF Emacs, 
    PT: this is just plain religious war) bytecode is enhanced compared to 
    PT: XEmacs's. Maybe a solution:
    PT:    o intall on .el files
    PT:    o if only one emacs in installed, byte-compile during install with 
    PT: this emacs
    PT:    o if both are installed, ask if you want to bytecompile the .el 
    PT: for each emacs (resulting in increased disk space), or if you want to 
    PT: bytecompile with xemacs (resulting in slightly degraded performance 
    PT: with GNU emacs).

Or if you want only Emacs compiled (have installed XEmacs but don't
want to install package for it).

But again: I don't think installation time compilation is a good idea.

With file selection (already discussed more times in debian-devel) we
could possibly solve this problem by providing both type of elc files
in .deb file and let dpkg to install only wanted files.  But I don't
know when file sellection will be available and I think it wouldn't
solve such sophisticated problems like: I want package A for Emacs,
package B for XEmacs and package C for both of them. :-)

Another possibility is to ask in `postinst' and remove unwanted files
(it could look like choosing MIME viewers) but it seems me to be

Milan Zamazal

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