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Re: Free Publicity via the RC5 Challenge

> Also, with linuxnet at approx 70MKeys/sec and debian at about 10, we
> don't really have any chance of overtaking them.

 We could have overtaken them, for two reasons:
 1. MKeys/sec is a misleading number. I was running 30 process on one
    computer in order to upload them with one ppp connection. Because
    the processes are many, all of them have an ultra low keys/sec count. 
    Most users have ppp, I know other people who do run 16 processes at
    night. Users like me cause a low Keys/sec count. It is the keySpaces/day
    that really counts. linuxnet had only a 4.5  higher keySpace/day count.
 2. We just started 3 days ago, that's not enough time to estimate our
    strength. People are still looking for client, others have not read
    the debian-user for 3 days. We were not yet ready to race. 
    Once the race got intresting, I would have been motivated enough to 
    masquerade three other computers. Users like me, are very important.
    We may not control 40 computers, but for sure, we will be searching for
    keys every day. 


 Lots of "would", and "would", yes I know the song. 
 I my opinion, linuxnet was in big trouble.

Ioannis Tambouras 
ioannis@flinet.com, West Palm Beach, Florida
Signed pgp-key on key server. 

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