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Free Publicity via the RC5 Challenge

> > Do you think that we are somehow splitting the Linux effort?
> It was fine as long as we had no chance of winning. I tuned in today
> and we were on our way to the #2 position. It would be very embarassing
> to beat the "Linux" group. So we're joining their team.

Everybody has a chance of winning.  As I understand it, the prize will
go to whatever address actually finds the correct key.  Thus, being
first on the list just means you have the biggest chance.

Also, with linuxnet at approx 70MKeys/sec and debian at about 10, we
don't really have any chance of overtaking them.

If we're going to drop from the email address list, I'd really like
to see our name on another one, like "domain".  Could somebody set
up a proxy on master.debian.org or some other machine so we could all
route our key requests through there?  You just can't beat publicity
like that!  We would probably rank 2nd or 3rd on the domain list or
2nd on the host list.

* Hey, if we could proxy requests through "www.debian.org", then that
address would appear second on the host list and probably get us quite
a few web hits!

We'd lose over 100 hours of participation, but is something likely
to run for a couple years, that isn't much.

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )
     measure with micrometer, mark with chalk, cut with axe, hope like hell

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