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Re: XEmacs

> > The only hitch I still haven't figured out is dealing with package
> > installed .el files in /usr/lib/emacs/site-list.  I don't feel it is
> > right to just add that directory to the load path because there are
> > enough difference between GNU Emacs and XEmacs that it might cause
> > problems (esp v20 and GNU Emacs).  My current though is to deal with
> > one .el file (debian-changelog-mode.el since I am using that), and let
> > the rest be dealt with locally if the local person wants to.  (though
> > this is a bad solution I must admit).  Does anyone have any
> > suggestions?

Couldn't we have another directory into which .el files that work with
both xemacs and GNU emacs could be put into?  

/usr/lib/emacs-agnostic ?  :-)


 - Jim

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