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Re: packaging HOWTO

>It will not be the final word.  (You'll notice in three place I admonish
>people  to read the docs.  If after all that they still don't get it,
>there's no hope for them.)

And that is the part I liked least and took out. 
It is not logical to make people read all these documents in order to
make one simple package: binutils, gcc, cpp, libc5-dev, make, dpkg-dev, 
debmake, sudo, cpio, file, patch, and pgp. Nobody here (I think), has
read them all. If I read that, I will quit, and that is the end of that.


Ioannis Tambouras 
ioannis@flinet.com, West Palm Beach, Florida
Signed pgp-key on key server. 

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