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Re: packaging HOWTO

Thanks to all those who took a look at my work.  I have noted all your
criticisms/suggestions and will take them to heart.  I just want to
comment on some things.

I was aiming this text at ordinary users who just want to make .debs for
their own use.  That's why I didn't include anything about uploading etc.
But I'm working on this now.

While it seems debmake will be going away/mutating, my understanding is
this is a few months down the line.  In the meantime, debmake is the
easiest way to build packages so it should be used in this kind of
introductory document. 

I agree that this document is too boring and low-level for people with
Unix experience.  For them, there should be an expanded manual.  My
document will be solely for casual users and a quick overview for others.
It will not be the final word.  (You'll notice in three place I admonish
people  to read the docs.  If after all that they still don't get it,
there's no hope for them.)

-- Jaldhar 

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