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Re: packaging HOWTO

On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Ioannis Tambouras wrote:

> And that is the part I liked least and took out. 
> It is not logical to make people read all these documents in order to
> make one simple package: binutils, gcc, cpp, libc5-dev, make, dpkg-dev, 
> debmake, sudo, cpio, file, patch, and pgp. Nobody here (I think), has
> read them all. If I read that, I will quit, and that is the end of that.

I don't know if it's a law of nature but its been true in my experience
that if you ask people to read all the documentation, they'll read half. 
If you ask them to read half, they'll read a quarter and...you get the
picture.  I don't actually expect users to read all the documentation
(though if they do they will be better people for it.)  My goal is for the
howto to be sufficient for at least simple packages.  But there will
inevitably be omissions and things will just plain go wrong.  We can't
hope to cover every eventuality without the howto ballooning to a size
where you might as well read the full manual instead.  What I am hoping by
the words I chose is that when something does go wrong people will check
the docs for a solution instead of giving up or sending a distress call to
the lists.

 -- Jaldhar 

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