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Re: Mirrors having problems with boot-floppies.

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> ftp.debian.org, and no doubt other mirrors, are indeed doing something
> funny to the disks-i386/1997-02-12 directory, as reported below. On
> ftp.debian.org the directory is in rex-fixed as I write this. On
> master.debian.org the directory is in bo.
> I guess this has to do with the problem of the mirror not coping when
> you replace a symbolic link with a directory.

That's correct, but unfortunately the problem is with the disks-i386
directory and not the 1997-02-12 directory.  It was originally
pointing at bo's disks-i386, a mistake on my part.  That's why the
1997-02-12 directory comes and goes, depending on which directory it's
being accessed with.

I have to change the name of the disks-i386 directory to fix this
problem.  Changing it to disk-i386 perhaps and then back after a long
enough time would solve the problem.

I wish that I understood the nature of this common mirror bug better.
Chaning a symbolic link to a directory is bad, but making a symbolic
link point to elsewhere is ok.  I don't really understand how the
mirror scripts detect one but not the other.  Would changing the name
of the directory to disks-intel or something, and then pointing
disks-i386 in bo to disks-intel work?


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