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Re: Improvements to dselect

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Nicol=E1s_Lichtmaier?= <nick@feedback.com.ar> wrote:
> I think that there are some improvements that can make a lot of
>difference in the usability of dselect, making it more intuitive.
> Using keys more like DOS/Windows... like this:
> We have a `focus' in the main window, that can be in the upper or in the
>lower section. TAB changes this focus. When in the upper section, up/down
>arrows scroll the package list, as now, in the lower they scroll the
>description. Left/right keys in the lower sections cycle through the
>information displayed ('i').
> The help screen should not be shown when entering dselect, it should be
>posible to quit help with ESC. The help screen should have a simple men=FA,

Eeeeeeeek. Using ESC with ncurses is evil, evil, evil. Don't do it! (It
results in a delay whilst the ncurses library waits to see if any special
characters follow the ESC.. for things like arrows, etc.)

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