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Mirrors having problems with boot-floppies.


ftp.debian.org, and no doubt other mirrors, are indeed doing something
funny to the disks-i386/1997-02-12 directory, as reported below. On
ftp.debian.org the directory is in rex-fixed as I write this. On
master.debian.org the directory is in bo.

I guess this has to do with the problem of the mirror not coping when
you replace a symbolic link with a directory. Guy, if you change the
name of the directory to 1997-2-12a, and change the "current" symlink
to point at that, the problem will most likely go away with the next
mirror run.  Do you concur?



David Shao writes:
>From dshao@shellx.best.com Fri Feb 21 19:19:24 1997
>From: David Shao <dshao@best.com>
>Message-Id: <199702220016.QAA07784@shellx.best.com>
>Subject: Non-synched ftp sites Debian 1.2.7
>To: greg.hankins@cc.gatech.edu
>Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 16:16:28 -0800 (PST)
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>At ftp.debian.org, I have noticed throughout the week that early in the
>day (before the late afternoon Pacific Standard Time) the subdirectory
>1997-02-12 appears in debian/rex-fixed/disks-i386.  This subdirectory
>1997-02-12 contains the version of the Debian installation disks from 
>that date.  However, later in the day, the subdirectory 1997-02-12
>disappears.  At some times it seems to me the subdirectory disappears
>completely, not even making it to bo/disks-i386.  (But even later in
>the day I believe I remember 1996-02-12 showing up in bo/disks-i386.)
>At master.debian.org, I have not seen the subdirectory 1997-02-12 ever
>appearing in rex-fixed/disks-i386.  The subdirectory 1997-02-12 always
>appears in bo/disks-i386.  At master.debian.org, bo/disks-i386 is not
>a symbolic link to rex-fixed/disks-i386.
>At this moment at both ftp.cdrom.com and ftp.caldera.com, their mirror
>of debian has no 1997-02-12 either in bo or in rex-fixed.  The bo
>version of disks-i386 is a symbolic link to rex-fixed/disks-i386 which
>contains no 1997-02-12.  (bo/disks-i386 is also a symbolic link to
>rex-fixed/disks-i386 early in the day at ftp.debian.org--the difference
>is that ftp.debian.org's rex-fixed/disks-i386 has 1997-02-12 while
>at the moment the other mirror sites cited above do not.)
>Obviously there are going to be substantial delays between when all
>of the ftp sites can be in synch, but it seems to me this situation
>has been persisting for almost a week now, there are three
>different possibilities a person could encounter depending on where
>he goes to ftp, and ftp.debian.org's version of Debian-1.2.7 is
>different depending on the time of the day.
>Sincerely yours,
>David Shao

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