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Re: SysV init scripts

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> writes:

> 	You are quite correct, /etc/init.d/xdm does have a variable in
>  the beginning of the script that determines whether
>  /usr/bin/X11/xdmxdm would run at all. We do need to move al these
>  silly little beasties out into a separate, easily manipulatable area
>  (I think I like the kernel config file approach; make menuconfig was
>  a wonderful innovation).

No, we'll still have to different and conflicting configuration
methods for the same settings.  I think no init.d scripts should look
anywhere for wondering whether to really start or not.

Other configuration can of course be inspected from a central
database.  Is there still work going on on Lars' cfgtool - is there a
mailing list for debian-config?  Just wondering :)

> Kenneth> Upgrading restores the package's idea of which symbolic links
> Kenneth> should be in rc?.d.
> 	Oops. Umm, I think this needs to be re-thought, maybe in a
>  re-implementation of update-rc.d

Reading the update-rc.d(8) man page clarifies matters somewhat - I
should have done so before hand...

If there is already a symbolic link in the directory for that package,
update-rc.d does nothing - phew :)

The man page even says...

       There  should  be  a  way  for the system administrator to
       specify at least the default start and stop  runlevels  to
       be  used by defaults and possibly to override other things
       as well.

This would be nice - obviously at the moment, the default is to start
everything in runlevels 2,3,4,5.  The differences between these
runlevels is found in /etc/inittab...

Runlevel	Spawn
2		getty's on vc's 1-6, and modem(s)
3		getty's on vc's 1-6, and modem(s)
4		getty's on vc 1
5		getty's on vc 1

Could Debian perhaps standardise on everything being started in a
single runlevel, leaving the rest for local system config?  All this
would require is a new inittab and new defaults in update-rc.d

I'm going to submit bug reports against xbase for xdm and xfs init.d
scripts, since they start or not, depending on information in /etc/X11.

Best wishes,


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