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Re: SysV init scripts


>>"Kenneth" == Kenneth MacDonald <kenny@ed.ac.uk> writes:

Kenneth> Currently many rc.d scripts look for configurations in /etc
Kenneth> to decide whether to start or not when init calls them.  For
Kenneth> example, xdm, pppd.

Kenneth> This means I cannot, for example, boot multiuser without xdm
Kenneth> running, and then change runlevel or make a call to
Kenneth> /etc/init.d/xdm to start it later.

	Umm, why not? Just move xdm to run level 4 (or 5), remve the S
 link for xdm from level 2 and 3, and it should not start xdm when
 going multiuser. This is fairly straight forward.

Kenneth> Similarly, some networking daemons may only make sense to
Kenneth> have started when there's an external network connection.  If
Kenneth> I don't want bind started at boot time, I have to copy the
Kenneth> contents of /etc/init.d/bind into ip-up, since calling the
Kenneth> rc.d script will not start it.

	No, No, No, No! Just remove the links fron rc.?/, and *call*
 /etc/init.d/bind from you ip-up script! Really, you are making it far
 too complicated.

Kenneth> I'd like to see a clarification of run level uses (my system
Kenneth> exhibits no difference between runlevels 2,3,4 and 5).  I
Kenneth> must admit, the only bit of NT 3.51 administration I liked
Kenneth> was its 'service manager'.

	There is none, by default. *You* are supposed to customize
 them for yor machine by adding and deleting links.

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