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Re: debmake: a compromise?

On 19 Feb 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Christoph> I could implement a -d (DEBUG) option that is much more
> Christoph> verbose if it helps. I am not sure what people are not
> Christoph> seeing that they would like to see.
> 	Well, For any file moved into debian/tmp, I'd (optionally)
>  like to see source & destination 
>   (echo cp ./man/junk1.1 debian/tmp-x/usr/man/man1/)
>  Id like to see which files are being compressed, where debstd thinks
>  it found the changelog file, etc.

debstd does not find the changelog. deb-make does so when the package is
debianized and the rules file is generated. Look at the rules file and you
will see the changelog file.

Manpages have their predefined destination by the number after the dot.

debstd does only move manpages into debian/tmp to locations already
predefined. The debian/rules file needs to take care of installing
binaries on its own. debstd is just concerned with stripping and
calculating dependencies and that stuff.

> 	I'm allowed to specify doc files on debstd startup (and that's
>  good). I'd also like to able to specify man files to include/exclude,
>  and files I *don't* want compressed.

That is a feature request. You can switch off manpage processing and
automatic compression and do it all on your own. Compression is mandated
by debian policy by the way.

> 	Oh, while I have a wish list out, I'd also like to see pod
>  detection in .pm and .pl files ;-).

Right now I am thinking about stopping development on
debmake at least for a couple of months. There are too many complaints
about the dynamic nature of debmake and work needs to be done to integrate
some things into dpkg.

> 	If there was a -no-act option, I culd use debstd to check my
>  rules file even if I don't run it in the rules itself, so my package
>  is not dependent on debstd, but it gets the benefit thereof.

debstd is called from the rules file and does not check it. It only checks
the binaries your rules file installed into debian/tmp for certain things.

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