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Re: debmake: a compromise?

>>"Christoph" == Christoph  <debian@waterf.org> writes:

Christoph> I could implement a -d (DEBUG) option that is much more
Christoph> verbose if it helps. I am not sure what people are not
Christoph> seeing that they would like to see.

	Well, For any file moved into debian/tmp, I'd (optionally)
 like to see source & destination 
  (echo cp ./man/junk1.1 debian/tmp-x/usr/man/man1/)
 Id like to see which files are being compressed, where debstd thinks
 it found the changelog file, etc.

	I'm allowed to specify doc files on debstd startup (and that's
 good). I'd also like to able to specify man files to include/exclude,
 and files I *don't* want compressed.

	Oh, while I have a wish list out, I'd also like to see pod
 detection in .pm and .pl files ;-).

	If there was a -no-act option, I culd use debstd to check my
 rules file even if I don't run it in the rules itself, so my package
 is not dependent on debstd, but it gets the benefit thereof.

 ``Once again, we see that interesting correlation between saying
 "Blessed Be!" and being an idiot.'' Gene W. Smith,
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