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Packages I am working on: amaya and xIrc


The recent debian-devel discussions reconvinced me to the fact that I
should indeed follow the policy, and post a description of every package
that I'd like to introduce into Debian.  The previous discussions on the
topic seemed to make me believe otherwise... Anyway, here are the two
packages I am working on.  I already mentioned them in a post to
debian-devel, but will now elaborate.

amaya is a WYSIWYG HTML editor/browser developed by W3C project, is still
in beta. It was discussed on debian-devel a little while ago, and some
developers voiced the desire for it to be available for Debian.  I
volunteered to package it, and am right now working on it.  I hope to have
the first version available sometime soon.

xIrc is what it sounds like--an irc client for X.  It is GPLed, but
depends on qt library, so it will go in contrib.  It is also still in
beta, but functional.  One feature that is missing from there is DCC
transfers (DCC chats are there), but is on the todo list of the author.  I
like it over zircon (the only X irc client we have, AFAIK), because it
doesn't pop windows all over my virtual desktop.  The pop-up windows seem
to be mostly in the center of the screen, which I like.

That's about all I have to say.  Let me know of any objections or
whatever.  BTW, should I take the lack of response as disapproval or as a
lack of objections?  This should not apply to amaya, since I know several
debian developers wanted it included.
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