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Re: Packages I am working on: amaya and xIrc

>>"Igor" == Igor Grobman <igor@vaca.net> writes:

Igor> BTW, should I take the lack of response as disapproval or as a
Igor> lack of objections?  This should not apply to amaya, since I
Igor> know several debian developers wanted it included.

	My personal take on this has been that if I get absolutely no 
 response I repost in a couple of days, and then assume I have the
 approval of the silent majority, Or else, a few (I know, this is
 quite subjective) approving emails/responses are held in the same
 view as politicians view opinion polls. 

	If I get an objection, then it is time for more detailed
 discussions and attempts for  a consensus.

ps. I would like to have amaya, and am indifferent to xiirc (which
means, by all means, go ahaead, I'm part of the silent majority ;-)

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 rest of the week debugging Monday's code." Dan Salomon
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